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J.L. 08/12/22

Thank you very much for chasing this up. I wish also that I had checked the tracking information earlier, but it’s a very busy time of year. I’ll take a view on what to do depending on when/if the calendar arrives. If I do receive it, I will either open it this year or keep it until next - based on some arbitrary cut-off date I have in my head. I have no plans to return it. Hopefully it will turn up in time to make it worthwhile opening - then I will be buying another next year. Thank you very much for the partial refund. It does go a long way to softening the disappointment and makes one appreciate that you care about your business and its reputation and relationship with the customers. Regards.

P.Y. 08/12/22

Hi Richard, All sorted now! Many thanks for your help and forbearance on this. Yes, I do see so many ‘issues’ with Evri, yet, yesterday I got a delivery spot on time, no delays of any sort! I don’t understand how they operate but when items just disappear into a black hole it doesn’t fill you full of confidence ! Now we can just sit back and enjoy Christmas… Merry Christmas….Kind regards.

S.B. 07/12/22

Thank you so much for such a quick turn around. The calendar’s arrived today !!! I am sorry I had to trouble you in the first place. Many thanks again.

S.M. 07/12/22

Richard, Tonia . Pleased to tell you I have received my advent calendar. Thank you so much x

P.D. 05/12/22

Hi guys, Frustration all around.  Many thanks for your refund. Of course I will let you know if it arrives. Best regards.

S.R. 04/12/22

Thank you very much for your help. The calenders have arrived and I am very grateful for your help. Best wishes.

J.S. 04/12/22

The Owner, Well done!  You have lovely Traditional Advent Calendars - my grandson is very chuffed with his - and added to that you offer an excellent service in a very pleasant way.  I will be back for more and for cards etc!  Best wishes.

J.L. 03/12/22

Thank you for your prompt response. As said previously I’ll definitely be back next year.

J.A. 03/12/22

Hi Richard, I would like to give you an honorary award for the best customer service I have experienced for years. I have 2 very happy granddaughters in Wales with new calendars in their home less than 24 hours after I spoke to you. Congratulations on first class service. Thanks again !!

S.M. 03/12/22

Thank you !! It’s very kind of you to refund the cost of postage ???????? Enjoy the rest and have a lovely Christmas.

B.S. 03/12/22

Thank you. I was impressed by your call and customer service despite lack of delivery so I’ll try again next year. Warm regards.

A.P. 02/12/22

Hi Richard, Fantastic! It's arrived this morning and the children in my class are so excited - they love it. Thanks for sorting this out for me - much appreciated.

S.R-W. 02/12/22

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely advent calendar I bought for my daughter and particularly for the personal service making sure that it got to her safely via a BFPO address. She loves it and I am enjoying it via a whatsapp photo each day from Seattle. Will definitely come back to you next year. Thanks

A.C. 01/12/22

Thank you and not to worry, these things happen! I appreciate not your fault. Happy Christmas ????

P.D. 01/12/22

Hi there, Thank you so much for your help, you do not need to apologise for anything. Indeed jokes will be forthcoming! Best regards.

M.G. 30/11/22

Thank you for doing that, yes I am sorry too not your fault and won't stop me ordering next year, unless there is another strike.... Best wishes.

K.C. 29/11/22

Hello! Yes delivered today! Very pleased, thank you.

K.C. 29/11/22

Hello Richard, I'm pleased to say that the Calendars arrived this afternoon. Many thanks & Best wishes.

S.G. 29/11/22

Thank you very much for acting so quickly and for keeping in touch. 10/10 for customer service! All the best & Happy Christmas!

T.R 29/11/22

Thanks Richard!

N.B. 28/11/22

I have just noticed this email and could not understand it at first but then "the penny dropped" (as my husband often says!) and I think it was because I had forgotten to include one in my order to Aberdeen and when I ordered it separately I paid the postage again. I must say that I am extremely grateful to you for this very generous kindness especially these days when everything is getting more and more expensive... having money refunded is not something I am used to! Many grateful thanks for you who are obviously a serious company that keeps an eye on every part of the transactions! I have been buying your calendars on and off from you for quite a while now because I like them but of course with 5 grandchildren and 2 daughters who all and each still love their advent calendar, it does mount up!!! Thank you again very sincerely!

C.K. 28/11/22

Thank you so much and fingers crossed! I really appreciate your time and effort. Kind regards.

T.S. 28/11/22

Dear Richard and Tonia, You have beautiful advent calendars and they are very hard to find! I’ve looked in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have ordered one from you for my mother in Littlehampton. Wishing you the best of luck with everything! Best wishes.

E.W. 28/11/22

Thank you so much. My Auntie is 89 and she never likes to think of people spending money on her. I appreciate your help.

S.M. 28/11/22

Great news! Thank you so much for all your help.

J.H. 28/11/22

Hi Richard - thanks for the update, appreciate the info. I’ll wait and see, and keep my fingers crossed. All the best, and see you next year. Cheers.

A.W. 27/11/22

It’s arrived! Delivered this afternoon ???? I haven’t opened it yet but am sure that the calendars will be lovely. Thanks again for all your help and effort on getting this to me, it is v much appreciated. Excellent customer service!

G.S. 27/11/22

Now tracked down and received....and one child rather excited for Friday! Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly. God bless you both.

M.D. 26/11/22

Good morning, I've placed this order as a surprise for the recipient - I'm glad my billing address/card payment details won't be included in the packing note. I would also like to take this opportunity to compliment you on such a lovely range of calendars. This is the second order I've placed with you and the quality is excellent. With many thanks.

S.W-W. 25/11/22

All arrived safe and sound, thank you.

M.G. 25/11/22

Hello, A short email to say thank you for your forethought in organising an alternative means of sending out calendars whilst Postal workers are striking. I am happy to have received them so that the grandchildren have them for 1st Dec. Yours.

A.H. 24/11/22

Thanks very much for sorting replacement advent calendar so promptly, despite the 3 'Do not bend stickers' the replacement arrived with bend damage to packaging but this time no damage to the calander itself, the original one had obviously been bent in half. Its a great shame that the courier seems to have no respect of your packages. Thanks again for a great service and the calender is amazing, looks even better than the online photos.

P.Y. 24/11/22

Gosh / I’m so sorry I should have told you that they delivered it the next day - after we spoke! I kind of assumed they told you when they’d delivered the item successfully! You can cross it off your ‘to do ‘ list / it has arrived safely at the grandchildren’s address - and they can take it to Australia with them, for Christmas! Thank you so much for all your help with this order. Yours.

C.S. 24/11/22

Thank you so much for your help.  That’s wonderful!

M.C. 24/11/22

I've just received my order(3 years running). As always the calendars are beautiful!

A.S. 24/11/22

Thanks for your help. Apparently they were delivered this afternoon. Kind Regards.

S.L. 23/11/22

They have arrived and it was exactly what I needed, thank you so much for taking all that trouble.  They will be winging their way tomorrow. Kind regards.

D.S 23/11/22

Dear Richard, Thank you for sorting that out. Still trying to get over the shock of your ‘location;. If you're down in Trearddur  you must call in and say hello. PS Now sunny with the rain driving past my office window horizontally.

D.B. 23/11/22

Hi Richard, I received the advent calendar today and wanted to thank you again for agreeing to send it out when I was back from my trip :) All my best.

R.F. 23/11/22

Thanks Richard, Much appreciated and really pleased to hear that business is booming.

D.M. 21/11/22

Thank you Richard! Replacement calendar has arrived safe and sound.

J.B. 20/11/22

Arrived perfectly thank you.

B.F. 19/11/22

Hi, Just to let you know I received my order of advent calendars today, all present and correct. Many thanks.

S.J. 19/11/22

Hi, Just wanted to say thankyou. I've recieved the advent calendar and its great. Great service. Thanks again.

L.M. 18/11/22

Thank you for the new advent calendars, they arrived in perfect condition! Best wishes.

S.J. 17/11/22

That's great thank you. I did get all my kids advent calendars of you last year. And will do again! I just love the traditional paper ones. Thanks again.

D.J. 16/11/22

Hello Team, Just to let you know that the lovely Advent Calendars arrived safely yesterday. Thank you very much. Best wishes and many thanks.

L.Y. 16/11/22

Just wanted to say am really excited about these!  They’re gifts and I know the recipients will love them! All the sparkles ????✨????.

E.B. 16/11/22

Dear Richard, They have arrived. I would like to thank you for an excellent customer service and will definitely order from you again. Sorry if I panicked but I have such bad experience of evri and the calendars are leaving for Stockholm with my daughter at the end of the week. Kind regards.

L.W. 16/11/22

Hello Richard and Tonia, The calendars arrived today and they are lovely. Thank you very much. Now let's hope they don't take as long to get across the country! Ciao.

A.P. 15/11/22

Good evening Richard, I have just arrived home and my parcel has been delivered. I am astounded at the service but delighted. Thank you so much.

B.C. 15/11/22

Thank you Richard for your assistance with my order on Sunday. The calendars have arrived today - really fast service, didn't expect them so soon. Thank you again. Regards.

A.K. 13/11/22

Thank you so much.  That is so kind of you and really appreciated.  I love your site, and have introduced you to a couple of friends who have ordered your calendars, adding to your workload! Many thanks again.

D.B. 09/11/22

Thanks so much Richard, both for your quick reply and being willing to send later - I'm grateful.

W.B. 07/11/22

Hi Richard, Thank you very much for sorting that all out and for shipping the calendar today - both much appreciated. I hope you are having a busy run up to December! With best wishes.

C.S. 07/11/22

Hi Richard, Thanks for your quick reply. I have found my parcel in the building!! It was open but lucky the calendar is undamaged - so no need to resend, thank you though. Also - the calendar is really lovely - I look forward to giving it to the recipient ???? Thanks again for your quick help and apologies for any time wasted.

B.W. 07/11/22

Hi, Just to thank you for the delivery of the calendar so promptly. It is beautiful and my grandson absolutely loves it!  Last year I ordered from you and received the same excellent service. Will certainly be using again and recommending. Kind Regards.

H.C. 07/11/22

Many thanks Richard, I will place my order today. With best wishes.

T.V. 06/11/22

Dear Mr and Mrs Rutherford, Thank you so much. We love your calendars and I promise to get my order right next year, third time lucky. Yours ever.

J.G. 06/11/22

Ordered two traditional style advent calendars on 30 October and received them on 2 November. Very speedy service and the quality of the calendars is excellent.

P.M. 05/11/22

Morning Richard and Tonia, Oh brilliant, thank you for responding so quickly and changing the delivery address for me, I really appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend! Best wishes.

P.L. 04/11/22

Thank you so much for my beautiful Advent Calendar and cards. I was really impressed with the speedy delivery and the fact that you refunded one delivery charge. I will certainly recommend your company.

R.B. 03/11/22

Hi Richard and Tonia, That is great - thank you! When I saw it my heart sank and it was so lucky the calendar itself was untouched. With many thanks.

L.C. 03/11/22

Richard, You did brilliantly sending the advent calendars at top speed. I've already received them!  I am very grateful for your kind attention to my delivery question. Kindest regards

J.B. 01/11/22

Yes ! It arrived on Monday and he’s thrilled with it. Thank you for your help.

C.M 20/10/22

Thank you for bothering so much with such a small order. It could have been something to do with my bank card (though it’s working everywhere else) as it was fine once I switched to PayPal. Anyway, ’tis done - so thank you very much for making so much of an effort to ensure all went smoothly. With best wishes.

J.E. 20/10/22

Dear Richard and Tonia, Thanks for putting your time and effort into the website - I really appreciate having such a wide choice of traditional advent calendars, and the speed and reliability of delivery is always excellent. While I'm emailing, I wonder if I might give you a personal piece of feedback? My favourite sort of advent calendar is the type where the picture under the door for each day forms part of the overall picture - like opening a window of a house and seeing what's going on inside. I don't know if there's a word for that type of calendar - perhaps you could invent one! - but I would really appreciate having a search term or field for that sort of calendar, or even just having it noted in the description when known. Angela Harding's calendars are usually of that type, but finding them otherwise is often a bit hit or miss! Best wishes.

K.M. 13/10/22

Thank you so much Richard and Tonia, I have got them, that will teach me to open the parcel first!  Thank you for the refund too, it is appreciated. Regards.

P.N. 13/10/22

Thank you so much for getting back to me. Was that my typo? Apologies if so. Now I know that all is well I will order some Advent Calendars from you. They are going to a different address so would not have been able to combine postage. Lovely calendars!

J.S. 10/10/22

Amazing, thank you Richard, what service!  I should have been more organised, apologies.

P.C. 06/10/22

Dear Richard, Thank you so much for your speedy and helpful response. It was particularly helpful to have a link straight to the pop and slot calendars and also very thoughtful of you to send my orders for the two previous years, especially as I couldn’t remember what I had ordered in the past and didn’t want to repeat! I have just sent you my order and look forward to seeing the calendars. With thanks again.

P.C. 18/01/22

Thank you so much once again for your beautiful advent calendars. The pop and slot ones of the ‘Christmas tree house’ and the ‘Night before Christmas’ were particularly appreciated and admired by my granddaughters.

S.H. 30/11/21

My calendars have arrived! Thank you for your excellent service.

C.H. 26/11/21

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. TodayI have received two stunning advent calendars which I only ordered yesterday. I am so grateful for you sending them out so quickly. What amazing service.

P.H. 25/11/21

I’m really pleased to say our advent calendar has turned up this morning !???? It’s beautiful we are really pleased with it Thank you Happy Christmas????????

C.G. 24/11/21

I just want to say how pleased I am with both the beautiful Advent calendars and your terrific customer service! You deserve to prosper and I’ll recommend you to everyone.

M.S. 22/11/21

Just to let you know that my Advent Calendar has arrived and I'm really pleased with it .Thank you, it's lovely.

J.A. 12/11/21

The calendars are lovely. My children will be so happy. Thank you.

A.S. 09/11/21

Every year I come back to buy advent calendars because they are of super quality have a great choice and delivery is super fast

J.W. 08/11/21

Thank you for continuing to suppy such a wonderful range of traditional Advent Calenders. I first bought from you many years ago when I refused to buy my six grandchildren chocolate advent calenders! Your range of calenders and card and the service I receive from you have never disappointed.

H. 06/11/21

I love your Advent calendars and so do the people I give them to.

J.T. 04/11/21

Just wanted to let you know the calendars arrived and they are amazing!! So happy with them. Thank you for all your help to make this happen, see you in October 2022 when I reorder ;- )

J.S. 08/10/21

I am writing to say how very pleased I was with the advent cards I ordered on the 5th which were delivered on the 6th.  I have four grandchildren in Australia and every year I tour the shops looking for some thing new and preferably small for posting to Oz. I have previously looked on line but this year your site popped up and my problems were sorted.

F.W. 14/10/21

Just a note to say that I am absolutely delighted not only with the calendars but with your prompt attention and delivery. I am giving you 5 gold stars ⭐️ And am sure that my daughters are going to be delighted (as they were last year) with their calendars.

D.J. 26/10/21

Thank you for my lovely calendars. They arrived safely today.

R.T. 28/10/21

Many thanks for the safely received and perfectly packaged advent calendar.